About Simpladent clinic

Simpladent is an international company. Today, clinics operate in Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, India.
The clinic has been operating in Ukraine since 2016. The Simpladent concept has revolutionized the world of implantology. In our clinics, you can get rid of all dental problems and return to normal life very quickly.

The cost of treatment at Simpladent is approximately two-thirds of the cost of treatment compared to traditional methods. This is achieved through fewer clinic appointments, fewer treatment steps, and faster completion of implantation. Treatment at Simpladent saves time and money not through the use of cheap implants and non-original accessories for them, but through the use of advanced modern and effective Strategic ImplantĀ® technology.

Our professionally trained doctors work with the cortical bone of the maxillofacial skeleton. This bone does not undergo atrophy and has a very dense structure. This allows us to immediately place fixed bridges and thus connect the implants together. Specialized dental technicians immediately start making teeth. They follow a protocol in order to create the optimal bite and masticatory function. You will be able to eat absolutely anything as soon as prosthetic bridges are fixed!